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Concurrent Breakfast Sessions

  7.30AM - 8.30AM

Your choice of breakfast session to kick off the first day at the FSC Conference 2023. Choose to focus on FinTech, Women in Super or our Workplace Savings session.


Trends v Reality: A look into the future and how NZ Tech is bringing it to life.

With AI and ChatGPT the talk of the town, this breakfast session starts with an overview of what is happening in Tech globally, focusing on many of the key areas of where tech is taking us. Following the overview, NZ tech firms working in some of these key areas to demo their products and give the attendees and overview of how it will help the sector both here and across the globe. Speakers include:

  • Josh Daniell - CEO, Akahu (MC)
  • Ruth Riviere - Country Manager New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Mastercard
  • Tom Hartmann - Personal Finance Lead, Sorted, Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission 
  • Rowan Oulton - Co-Founder, Prosaic
  • Ben Lynch - Founder & CEO, Dolla
  • Tim von Dadelszen - Head of Digital Innovation, Partners Life

Who decides the future of your business?

As joint CEO at home but with responsibility for 80% of buying decisions, women in the workforce are critical to the healthy functioning and sustainability of a range of businesses. Attend this popular breakfast session to explore how to attract, retain and leverage the skills and experience of these important decision makers. Speakers include:

  • Prue Tyler - Founder and Director, SHIFT Advisory (Facilitator)
  • Angela Meyer - Gender Equity Consultant, Mercer
  • Natalie Ferguson - Co-Founder, Powrsuit

Workplace Savings Schemes

Legal and practical issues update

Designed for those working in the workplace savings and restricted schemes sector, we explore the issues facing those managing and supporting schemes. Speakers include:

  • Mike Woodbury - Consultant, Chapman Tripp (Facilitator)
  • Steve Grant - Principal, MJW
  • Sarah Graydon - Licensed Independent Trustee, Juno Legal

Main Plenary

  8.45AM - 10.50AM

Join us for the first session of the morning with a keynote from Hon. Grant Robertson and industry panelists on the main platform.


FSC Conference Pōwhiri and Karakia

  8.45AM - 9.00AM

Following your choice of breakfast session, our MCs Vanja Thomas from Guardian Trust and David Ireland from Dentons Kensington Swan will open the FSC Conference 2023.



Political Keynote 1 and Fireside Chat



  9.00AM - 9.30AM

In our first Political Keynote, we welcome insights from Finance Minister Hon. Grant Robertson, facilitated by political reporter Jack Tame, on the eve of the election period for Aotearoa. Minister Robertson will be introduced by Tim Williams, Chapman Tripp.

We look toward the next three year term and challenge via a fireside chat to delve deeper into the key issues.

In the Spotlight 1



  9.30AM - 9.45AM

In this first Ted-style talk of the day, we will hear from our CEO Richard Klipin about the launch of the FSC Policy Platform.

Panel Discussion 1



  9.45AM - 10.50AM

Building Consumer Confidence

In this session we will hear from leaders of iconic Kiwi brands on the importance of building their consumer's trust and how they have achieved this during such a turmoil period. Speakers include:

  • Naomi Ballantyne - Managing Director, Partners Life
  • Dr. Pushpa Wood - Director, Financial Education and Research Centre, Massey University
  • Simone Robbers - Assistant Governor/GM Strategy, Governance and Sustainability, RBNZ
  • Andrew Inwood - CEO, CoreData
  • Kris Faafoi - Founder, Agenda Partners

  10.50AM - 11.20AM   Morning Tea

Time to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, network and meet the conference sponsors in the exhibition area.


  11.20AM - 12.45PM

The next session of the morning welcomes our regulatory keynote speaker, followed by our second panel of the day, focusing on the economy and how the challenges we face might be affecting the sector's ability to build consumer confidence.


Regulatory Keynote 1 & Fireside Chat



  11.20AM - 11.40AM

Outlook 2026 with Clare Bolingford, Executive Director of Regulatory Delivery at the Financial Markets Authority, and a chance to delve deeper into the key issues via a fireside chat with Jack Tame.

In the Spotlight 2



  11.40AM - 11.55PM

Diversity, equity and inclusion

This short but impactful spotlight session aims to raise awareness of the issues that are real in our industry and need action, aiming to spotlight both the repercussions when DEI is not prioritised and the positive outcomes when organisations do address it.




  11.55AM - 12.45PM

Chief Economist Session: Catastrophe Averted?

In this session, Chief Economists from across the sector will discuss the economic state of New Zealand and the world. The panel will reflect on the challenges we face, and debate the cost of living crisis, inflation, investments, local events and global challenges, and the impacts they are having. This panel is facilitated by Jack Tame. Speakers include:

  • Dr. Eric Crampton - Chief Economist, New Zealand Initiative
  • Mark Lister - Investment Director, Craigs Investment Partners
  • Jarrod Kerr - Chief Economist, Kiwibank 
  • Jack Tame, reporter (facilitator)


  12.45PM - 1.45PM

Mix and mingle in the exhibition area over lunch or attend a sector specific lunch session.


Professional Advice



The role of FAPs in building consumer confidence in the professional advice sector

A discussion of what we mean by consumer confidence, what issues consumers are encountering as they engage with professional advisers, the special role of FAPs of all sizes in setting standard for professional advice across the sector, reasonable basis for advice suitability, advice communication and accessibility issues, and the challenges of finding advisers that understand my cultural needs, language, and identification. 

Invite only lunch event. Speakers include: 

  • Michael Hewes - Director of Deposit taking, Insurance & Advice, FMA
  • Susan Taylor - CEO, FSCL
  • Hannah McQueen - Author & Founding Director, AdviceFirst /
  • Ryan Edwards - Managing Director, The Adviser Platform
  • Trecia Brown - Head of Customer Outcomes, New Zealand Financial Services Group


insurance (1)


The rise of the exponential underwriter: Are underwriters going to be an early casualty of AI?

Join the underwriting community to debate the future challenges and key issues facing the profession including automated underwriting, data and how the role of the underwriter is changing though the use of AI and technology in reducing admin burdens and increasing value through more time with the customer. Speakers incude:

  • Chris Hutton - Product Manager, Partners Life (Facilitator)
  • Jim Walsh - Commercial Performance & Optimisation, Resolution Life
  • Stephen Connelly - Director of Business Development, Underwrite Me
  • Cristina Kim - Associate Director of Consulting, Deloitte

Breakout Sessions

  1.45PM - 2.45PM

In the first of our sector specific breakout sessions, we are pleased to offer specialist panels covering Insurance, Investment and KiwiSaver, FinTech and Professional Advice.


Investment and KiwiSaver 1



Target 1.5 degrees: Transitioning from theory to practice 
With New Zealand leading the way in mandating climate disclosures for financial services and a global ambition from COP26 to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees, how do we transition from theory to practice? This session will look at the problem of climate change, scenario planning and how our industry can effectively transition to support domestic and global aims. Speakers include:
  • Helen Skinner - Head of Responsible Investment, ANZ (Facilitator)
  • Matt Mimms - Board Member RIAA, Founder & Managing Director, The Investment Store
  • Jo Kelly - Chief Executive, Toitū Tahua: Centre for Sustainable Finance
  • Amelia Sharman - Director of Sustainability Reporting, XRB
  • Lloyd Kavanagh - Partner, MERW


Life Insurance 1



Be Confident, Be Courageous: what insurance do customers really need?

There has been some recent reports and commentary about how much risk Kiwis are exposed to by not taking cover. This panel will explore ideas to revolutionise life insurance and make it accessible to all, how to be brave and how to demystify and simplify life insurance cover to meet customer need through accessibility, quality and affordability. What part should social care play and how can we balance the settings between government social policy and private sector insurance to meet the individual needs of New Zealanders?

  • Mark Banicevich - Head of Industry Engagement Manager, Partners Life (Facilitator)
  • Nick Stanhope - CEO, AIA
  • Grant Willis - Executive General Manager Life, Asteron
  • Keely O’Brien - General Manager, Corporate Affairs and Strategy, CALI

Health Insurance 1



The future of the Health System in NZ: Public and Private innovating together?

This session will look holistically at the NZ health system and how innovation and a close working relationship between government and the private sector can remove the shackles and supercharge innovation. We will explore ways in which working together can improve productivity, for example, by getting Kiwis back to work quicker on the one hand, and on the other, making our health system one that attracts the brightest and the best talent into New Zealand. Speakers include:

  • Louise Zacest - CEO, Unimed (Facilitator) 
  • Dr. Stephen Child - Chief Medical Officer, Southern Cross
  • Rob Campbell - Chancellor at AUT University, Chair for Ara Aki, Chair for NZ Rural Land and Advisor, BBM 
  • Keriana Brooking - Partner, PWC

Professional Advice 1



Driving financial services recruitment: How can we meet Kiwis needs?

Research shows that just 20% of New Zealanders receive advice, but when they do, they are more confident and have more financial wellbeing. But how do we attract diverse talent into the sector and what pathways are there to enter the profession and move into becoming a financial adviser? This session will debate the routes into advice and how businesses reliant on advisers can develop the right pathways to attract talent.

  • David Greenslade - Executive Director, Strategi
  • Trecia Brown - Head of Customer Outcomes, NZFSG
  • Rhonda Maxwell - Associate Director, Sheffield

FinTech 1



Wine or Tech: NZ Tech and the export market

This breakout looks to the power of Tech exports from New Zealand, and challenges the norm that primary industry exports are bigger than tech. Indeed, Tech exports from New Zealand were greater than wine exports last year. The panel looks at how this growth happened, and the opportunity that lays before the tech industry and for New Zealand Inc.

  • Jason Roberts - Executive Director,  FinTechNZ (MC)
  • Madeline Newman - Executive Director, AI Forum NZ
  • Greg Shanahan - Managing Director, Technology Investment Network
  • Carmen Vicelich - Founder & Global CEO, Valocity Global
  • Michael Murphy - Head of Tech & Services, NZTE

  2.45PM - 3.45PM

In the second of the conference breakout sessions, we are pleased to offer specialist panels covering Insurance, Investment and KiwiSaver, Workplace Savings and the conference themed breakout, Building Consumer Confidence.


Investment and KiwiSaver 2



Bull to Bear: Lifting the lid on customer perspectives

This session focuses on the customer experience about financial services from a customer’s perspective. We are seeing, in these turbulent economic times, customers doing it tough, but are we truly addressing the needs of New Zealanders? We invite customer experience experts and researchers to lift the lid on insights to help us better define our customer interactions.

  • Mark Jephson - Partner, Mosaic FSI
  • Andrew Inwood - Global CEO, CoreData
  • Anna Livesey - Head of Customer Experience, ANZ
  • Catherine Emerson - Head of Marketing and Customer Strategy, Kernel

Life Insurance 2



Is there a Golden Egg? Balancing of technology, legislation and innovation

Legislation and technology is changing the distribution landscape at rapid pace, with different demographics favouring different access with ‘no advice’ channels and underwriting being delivered through wearable tech. How does the industry balance the support of the human touch with the convenience of AI and technology driven solutions? 

  • Leigh Bennett - Product Owner, Fidelity Life Assurance (Facilitator) 
  • Sam Kelly - Head of Regulatory Affairs, Fidelity Life Assurance
  • Chris Aynsley - Director, Aynsley & Associates
  • Michael Hewes - Director of Deposit taking, Insurance & Advice, FMA

Health Insurance 2



A sustainable health insurance sector: Pressures in the system

There are many pressures facing the health sector and this session looks to identify the key issues around the sustainability of the health insurance sector, from cost of living and affordability, to demographic population challenges and increases in the cost of healthcare provision. Speakers include:

  • Nick Astwick - CEO, Southern Cross Health Society (Facilitator and Keynote/intro)
  • Adam Jennings - Head of Business Partnerships, ACC
  • Fiona Michel - CEO, Braemar Hospital, Hamilton, and on behalf of NZPSHA.
  • Paul Roseman - GM Strategic development, ProCare



Diversity and Inclusion



Equity and Belonging: Understanding the narrative of diversity, equity and inclusion.

DEI can often be a single focus on gender, ethnicity or diversity in the workplace but creating a sense of belonging for all, is so much more. It forms part of the ‘S’ in ESG while also relevant to up and coming conduct licensing with fair customer outcomes a priority. This discussion will explore the importance of, and benefits arising from, a DEI focus within your business. 

  • Tracey Cross (Facilitator) - Legal and Financial Expert, Chair of Women in Super
  • George Ngatai - Director, Te Whanau Ora Community Clinic
  • Joe Consedine - Consultant
  • Kirsten Patterson - CEO, Institute of Directors
  • Erin Venter - Partner and Chief People Officer, PwC




IFRS17: The Challenging Project and where to from here

This interactive panel discussion brings together Industry leaders that will share their own experiences as they have navigated the complex implementation of IFRS17 in their businesses and the Insurance Industry. IFRS17 is the most complex accounting standard that has cost millions to implement, bringing actuaries, accountants and technology/data leaders together. For some, it is a transformative programme, for others, just meeting compliance requirements seems almost impossible. So what’s all the fuss about? Speakers include:

  • Lee-Ann du Toit (Facilitator) -  Partner, Deloitte/ Vice-President NZ Society of Actuaries 
  • Ben Coulter - Partner, PWC
  • John Smeed - Principal, Finity Consulting
  • Shaun Baird, Head of Strategy, AIA NZ
  • Jaco Grobbelaar - Chief of Finance & Deputy CFO, Partners Life

  3.45PM - 4.15PM Afternoon Tea

Time to stretch your legs again, grab afternoon tea and meet the conference sponsors in the exhibition area before heading to the sundowner main platform session.

Sundowner Keynote

  4.15PM - 5.00PM

Join us back in the main platform for our closing sundowner keynote speech, where we invite a futurist to stretch our thinking in financial services to the future, followed by our day 1 wrap.


In the spotlight 3 



  4.15PM - 4.35PM


We hear from:

  • Daniel Zatz - Director Cyber Security Services, ANZ
  • Sharron Lloyd - Chief Executive NZ, Trans-Tasman Business Circle


Day One Wrap

  4.35PM - 5.00PM

To close out the day, our MCs take us through their highlights and will preview Thursday's sessions.

Pre-dinner drinks and Awards Night


Award Glass-01



The Awards Dinner follows pre-dinner drinks, and this year we will be pleased to welcome award winners to the stage, followed by a chance to share the company of colleagues, peers, and enjoy some entertainment.