Climate and ESG


The Financial Services Council (FSC) recognises that climate and ESG considerations are important to all our members and their customers, and is keeping abreast of the significant changes occurring in this space. As these considerations become legislated requirements, we continue to provide regular submissions toward climate and ESG-related initiatives for the financial services sector for the benefit of our members, consumers and New Zealand. 

On this page you'll find:

  • links to relevant resources and websites
  • information about current and upcoming FSC climate and ESG submissions
  • recent and topical NZ and international climate and ESG news

How you can get involved:

Join FSC members working on climate and ESG related issues as a member of our Climate and ESG Committee. Fill out the below expression of interest form to join the Committee. Please note, you need to be an employee of an FSC member organisation in order to join: 


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