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Pre-Conference Member Only Masterclasses and Networking

  2.30PM - 4.30PM

FSC members have a choice of four 2-hour pre-Conference Masterclasses from mid-afternoon prior to the main conference sessions on 16 & 17 August 2023. The Masterclasses will be followed by networking and conference opening drinks.

These sessions are FSC member-only sessions, with guest speakers to facilitate live in-sector conversations.


It’s a two-way street: Can allyship engender trust?

If we are really going to advance inclusion, how do we embed a lifelong process of building and nurturing supportive relationships with underrepresented, marginalised, or discriminated individuals or groups? This session will look to a ‘what’s their problem’ view of the world and how we can be better allies. Speakers include: 

  • Elina Ashimbayeva - Co-Founder, Storyo (facilitator)
  • Dellwyn Stuart - CEO, YWCA Tāmaki Makaurau
  • Maretha Smit, CEO, Diversity Works
  • Kane Chard - Transaction Relationship Associate, ASB and National Finance Audit & Risk Committee member, NZ Māori Council 
  • Matt Prichard - Chair, KPMG

Followed by networking and conference opening drinks from 4.30pm - 6.00pm.

The great Genetics Debate – creating a win-win for customers

This session is designed to deep dive and debate practical issues facing the FSC's Life and Health Insurance sectors. The outcomes will include collaborative industry narratives and practical tools and ideas for members to take back into their businesses. Speakers include: 

  • Nick Kirwin - Independent Insurance Consultant
  • Len Elikhis - Chief Product & Investment Officer, AIA NZ
  • Adrianne Lowe - Chief Underwriter (Life), Asteron
  • Professor Andrew Shelling - Associate Dean, University of Auckland
  • Fay Sowerby - Non-Executive Director and Trustee, Cancer Care (AgenDA)
  • Olivia de Pont - Senior Associate, Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
  • Kate Dron - Chief and Appointed Actuary, Partners Life 

Followed by networking and conference opening drinks from 4.30pm - 6.00pm.


Dignity in retirement: Investing adequately and equitably

This workshop will focus on the need to drive a debate across all retirement settings in New Zealand for all New Zealanders. The reality is there are trade-offs between balancing shorter-term and longer-term financial needs, and Kiwis are facing tough decisions to balance them. We will get under some of the conversations happening in isolation around NZ Super retirement age and means testing, if KiwiSaver is fit for purpose and how we as Kiwis need to be supported in different ways that reflect our gender, ethnicity, career types and specific needs to achieve the dignified retirement that we aspire to and deserve. Speakers include: 

  • Craig Mulholland - Chief Executive, Apex
  • David Scordino - Investment Adviser, Craigs Investment Partners
  • Jane Wrightson - Retirement Commissioner, Te Ara Ahunga Ora: Retirement Commission
  • Leighton Roberts - Co-founder, Director, 3EO, Sharesies

Followed by networking and opening drinks from 4.30pm - 6.00pm.

Building Professionalism in Financial Advice

This practical workshop will look at the key demographics in NZ, their need for advice and the key areas that the advice offering needs to be revolutionised to serve individual Kiwis needs. Through exploring what has worked well here and overseas we will look to identify where there are opportunities for New Zealand to build industry standards and develop professionalism across the advice ecosystem.  Speakers include:

  • Trisha Edmonds (Facilitator) - Head of Advisory Distribution Funds, ANZ
  • Kari Scrimshaw - Chief Executive, Ringa Hora
  • Rasmika Maharaj - Investment and Financial Adviser, Craigs Investment Partners
  • Jeanette Kreft - Managing Director, The Compliance Company
  • David Whyte - Chairman, Lifetime Group
  • Blake Briggs - CEO, FSC Australia

Followed by networking and conference opening drinks from 4.30pm - 6.00pm.


Following your choice in Masterclass, join us for  Opening Drinks and canapes with industry peers.

4.30pm - 7.00pm.