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Whether you're a large corporate, small business, non-profit, individual, or something else, there is a way you can get involved in this campaign. We're encouraging everyone to take action big or small to help us grow the financial confidence and wellbeing of women around Aotearoa.

It Starts With Action Supporter Benefits

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Take real action

We’re all about driving impactful change. By getting behind this initiative, you will not only be supporting a worthy cause, but you’ll be seen to be delivering on it, and contributing to better financial outcomes for all women, including the women in your own organisation. 

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Have a voice

Lend your voice to the cause and champion the financial literacy of wāhine around the country, bringing your unique take and valuable expertise to the table.

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Be visible

We have a network of 100+ member organisations and a growing database of thousands. Recent events for International Women's Day and with the FMA's new chief executive Samantha Barass received hundreds of engaged, live attendees (800+ and 300+ respectively). The FSC's media reach for high profile campaigns and events is in the millions. In supporting this initiative you will be seen - not only by our membership but by the wider community.

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Provide content

Your voice – and the voices of those within your organisation – can be part of this important conversation. Offer your insights as part of this campaign, so we can share them, not only with the industry but consumers. Opportunities include speaking at our half day summit in July, supporting the creation of resources, and running satellite activities and events under the banner of this campaign.

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Stand up for change

Supporting this campaign is not just a tick-box exercise; it’s a chance to demonstrate that you are committed to making change when it comes to improving the financial wellbeing of women in New Zealand. We would require you to stand up – commit to and deliver on actions, reporting back to us so we can measure and report on our impact and progress towards a lift in the financial wellbeing and confidence of our wāhine. 

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Opportunities to collaborate

There are great things happening within the financial services industry and the wider community. However, often these are individual actions, lacking the power to leverage off the research and experience of others. This initiative is a real opportunity for us to come together, to collaborate and to make ongoing impactful change for women, continuing the momentum once built.