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Policy Masterclasses and Networking

2.30PM - 4.30PM

There will be a choice of four 2-hour pre-Conference Policy Masterclasses from mid-afternoon prior to the main conference sessions on 4 & 5 September 2024. 

4.30PM - 7.00PM

Following your Policy Masterclass, join us for  drinks and canapés with industry peers.


Policy Masterclass 1: Leading the charge - increasing employer KiwiSaver contributions

This practical masterclass will look into the research that New Zealanders are simply not saving enough for their retirements. With the majority matching their employers 3% investment, the debate will focus on achievable policy developments, including if employers started to lead the charge in increasing contributions, would that drive individual contributions and significant growth in KiwiSaver to provide dignified retirement?

Policy Masterclass 2: Filling the void - why do Kiwis insist on taking so much risk?

This practical masterclass will look into managing risk and how we are still, as a nation, blind to protecting our most valuable assets, ourselves and our families. The session will also look into the issue of accessible and affordable healthcare in NZ, and what needs to be true to reduce the worry of a nation?

Policy Masterclass 3: The Perception Gap -  Upskilling Kiwis one financial step at a time

This practical masterclass delves into the Perception Gap, the difference between reported financial confidence and actual financial capability, there are a range of behavioural bias that effect our capability, including over confidence through the Dunning-Kruger effect that drives capability, but with approx 7,000 professional finance advice professionals, how can we influence 5 million+ New Zealanders?

Policy Masterclass 4: Solutions to grow inclusivity in financial services

This practical masterclass looks with a Diversity Equity and Inclusion lens at issues surrounding engagement in financial services, working in the sector and trust. Why are our social groups so different and how do we need to change to drive more inclusivity in financial products and services?