Financial wellbeing for women

Just like mental health, financial wellness is a long term project but there is one easy action you can take today. And that’s to have one conversation about it.
Let’s call it a 'money date'. We’ve all been on enough first dates to know a little chaperoning doesn’t always go astray so consider us your wing women. We’ll provide the conversation starters, you just need to grab a friend or five, pour a glass, order some starters and crack into it.

Record your conversation and share on social media using #LetsTalkAboutMoney and #ItStartsWithAction and challenge 3 others to continue the kōrero.

Starter edition

50 questions about money that will make you think. Don't worry, it's not a test - the questions on these cards are all about how you think and feel about money, and there are NO wrong answers.

Family edition

Make money fun and get your kids on track to being financially resilient adults by using this family edition of the original conversation cards.

Te reo Māori edition

Tukuna ki te ao! He Kōrero Moni - E 50 ngā kōrerotanga moni hei taki mā ngā wāhine katoa! Tukuna te kōrero kia rere!

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