Great Expectations: Retirement realities for older New Zealanders

Wednesday 6 Dec 17 11:12am
Financial Services Council/ Horizon Research: Since 2010 the Financial Services Council (FSC) has been researching what it is like, and what it could be like, for New Zealanders when they retire: what wealth they have, how they could build it further to live comfortably in retirement. This is the second of three 2017 commissioned pieces of research seeking to understand Kiwis’ attitudes to retirement savings.

The first report focussed on consumer attitudes to government policy in relation to KiwiSaver and was designed to inform officials in the run-up to the 2017 election. The next , and final, report will focus on the attitudes of younger New Zealanders to wealth and their financial future.

This report delves into the attitudes and expectations of older New Zealanders and sets out the results of research carried out in June 2017. Our aim is to help grow the wealth of New Zealanders by understanding what wealth those aged 65 have accumulated, and how they intend to spend it. Given the increasing ages to which New Zealanders are living and that our population is ageing overall, this is an important and timely topic. MORE>

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