Mary Holm: Double your money - and then some

Monday 10 Jul 17 2:36pm
NZ Herald: This week we follow up on last week's column about a survey on how readers have done in KiwiSaver.
Many of the respondents made comments about the scheme, so we'll look into some of those this week.

To sum up the survey's results, most respondents have at least doubled the money they put in - because of government and employer contributions and investment returns. Some have tripled or close to quadrupled their money. Only one particularly unlucky person reported their balance was less than the amount they had put in.
The average annual returns employees have made on their contributions range from 12.4 per cent in conservative funds to 18.3 per cent in riskier aggressive funds. Returns are a bit lower for non-employees, who don't receive employer contributions. MORE>

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