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The health insurance industry supports 1.4m New Zealanders to meet their health care costs. A well-balanced and integrated health system is key to achieving and supporting great customer and patient outcomes. The industry has continued to grow with more Kiwis purchasing and retaining their health cover and health insurers paid over $1.375b in claims in 2020 to meet out-of-pocket health care costs. 

Many health insurance claims relate to elective treatments, such as orthopaedic and gynaecological services, which helps to ease demand on the public health care system. Around a quarter of claims come from customers aged less than 45, who claim for a range of services – from day-to-day health care costs such as dentist and GP visits, through to specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, and surgery. 

Medical innovation is happening at a rapid pace, whether that is through apps providing virtual healthcare, education through initiatives like Mental Health Awareness Week or advances in treatments and care or new cancer drugs entering the market at unprecedented rates. Premiums paid by our customers enable the industry to continue to fund access to these innovations.

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Over 1.42 million New Zealanders have health insurance. Why? Because, like any other insurance, it provides peace of mind in times of difficulty. .

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Like any other insurance, health insurance provides peace of mind in times of difficulty.

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See health insurance industry quarterly statistics including number of lives covered, premiums and claims paid by the industry.

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A new year, a new focus on health at the Financial Services Council.

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