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Latest research - Money and You - Part 2

New research commissioned by the Financial Services Council has found that New Zealanders’ reluctance to seek financial advice is coming at a significant financial and personal cost.

The second in a three part research series looking at New Zealanders’ relationship with money, ‘Money and You – Literacy, Insight & Advice’ surveyed 2000 Kiwis to understand why New Zealanders don’t seek help with their finances and to unlock the myths about what good support means and how it reduces financial stress. Read more.


Money and You - Part 1
New research commissioned by the Financial Services Council provides a unique look at New Zealanders’ relationship with money and how it affects their decisions and wellbeing. The first in a three part research series surveyed 2000 Kiwis to get a comprehensive understanding of how New Zealanders feel about money, their level of knowledge about it, and how it impacts key areas of their lives. Read more. .

Financial Resilience Index

The first survey in a major new series commissioned by the Financial Services Council has revealed that COVID-19 has delivered an unprecedented hit to New Zealanders’ financial resilience and wellbeing.

The Financial Resilience Index tracks how Kiwis feel on five key financial indicators from March 2020 onwards and provides a unique perspective on how we feel and think about financial issues over this unprecedented time. Read more.

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Gambling on Life: The Problem of Underinsurance

In this, the third part of the Financial Services Council’s research into the life insurance industry in New Zealand, we focused our research on underinsurance to understand why some New Zealanders are ‘Gambling on Life’. Read more.

NZ Retirement Expenditure Guidelines

New Zealand Retirement Expenditure Guidelines | November 2019

The 2019 Retirement Expenditure Guidelines in this report are the eighth in a series that commenced in 2012 to assist pre-retirement New Zealanders make financial plans for their retirement. Specifically, the Retirement Expenditure Guidelines provide information about actual levels of expenditure by New Zealanders who have already retired; however, this does not include an evaluation of the sufficiency of NZ Superannuation. Pre-retirees can use this information to plan budgets for their desired future retirement lifestyle, to provide a foundation from  which to determine the savings they need to achieve their retirement objectives.. Click here to read the full report.

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Moments of Truth: Key insights into the New Zealand life insurance industry | September 2019

Following the ‘Risking Everything’ report that was launched earlier in 2019, this second part of research into the life insurance sector focuses on awareness of life insurance in New Zealand, purchase behaviour and the claims experience.  Click here to read the full report.

Kiwisaver 2050:  Pathways to the future | September 2019

New Zealand has a comparatively simple and effective Retirement Framework built on the pillars of New Zealand Superannuation, the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and since 2007, KiwiSaver. The Financial Services Council (FSC) believes New Zealand has a robust Framework that has built its reputation on its ability to deliver a basic level of income through its universality and simplicity. Click here to read the full report.

Risking Everything FLipped
Risking Everything: An insight into how New Zealanders manage risk | June 2019

New research commissioned by the Financial Services Council (FSC) has revealed many New Zealanders are taking a high stakes gamble on managing risk. The research ‘Risking Everything’ carried out by Horizon Research looked at New Zealanders attitudes to financial risk and how they protect their wealth should the worst happen. Click here to read the full report.

Towards Prosperity
Towards Prosperity: An insight into New Zealand's Financial Services Industry | December 2018

New research released by the Financial Services Council has revealed the true contribution of the broader financial services sector to New Zealand’s economic wellbeing. The research ‘Towards Prosperity’ carried out by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research is some of the most comprehensive to date carried out on the sector and demonstrates not just its contribution, but also dispels some common myths.  Click here to read the full report.

Shaping Futures: Closing the KiwiSaver Gap | September 2018

The report is based on three significant pieces of research commissioned by the FSC with responses from over 2,100 New Zealanders and carried out by Horizon Research –‘Generation KiwiSaver’, ‘Growing the KiwiSaver Pie’, and ‘Great Expectations – Retirement Realities for Older New Zealanders’. Click here to read the full report.

GenerationKiwiSaverReport FinancialServicesCouncil
Generation KiwiSaver | June 2018

Younger New Zealanders are increasingly reliant on KiwiSaver as their main source of income when planning for retirement and that means a wake-up call when it comes to financial planning, according to new research commissioned by the Financial Services Council (FSC). Click here to read full report.

Great Expectations | December 2017

This report delves into the attitudes and expectations of older New Zealanders. Our aim is to help grow the wealth of New Zealanders by understanding what wealth those aged 65 have accumulated, and how they intend to spend it. Click here to read full report.

GrowingtheKiwiSaverPie- FinancialServicesCouncil
Growing the KiwiSaver Pie | September 2017

With over 2.6 million New Zealanders now signed up and more than $40 billion under management in KiwiSaver funds, it is more important than ever to understand what people want so that we can set ourselves up for long term success. The research provides an opportunity to understand how New Zealanders want KiwiSaver to evolve. Click here to read full report.

KiwiSaverandWealthNZs FinancialServicesCouncil
KiwiSaver and the Wealth of New Zealanders | August 2015

In this paper we review the evidence base used to support this policy change and suggest conditions under which, in contrast, KiwiSaver will likely lift net wealth for its members, particularly members on middle-level or lower lifetime incomes. Click here to read full report.

SavingsRetirementSurvey FinancialServicesCouncil
Savings and Retirement Survey | October 2013 view

This report gives the results of a survey of 3,060 New Zealanders who are members of Horizon Research’s HorizonPoll panel, which represents the adult population at the 2006 census. It looks at KiwiSaver and whether it should be compulsory for employees. The survey has an overall margin of error of ±1.8%. Click here to read full report.

PeopleInsuranceGap FinancialServicesCouncil

The People Insurance Gap - Exploring Underinsurance in New Zealand Summary Report | 2012

The Financial Services Council (FSC) Insurance Gap investigation surveyed 2,000 New Zealand households in 2011 to gain a better understanding of households’ attitudes to the 4 main personal risk insurances (life, total and permanent disablement, critical illness and disability income) and, through analysis of the responses, assess the adequacy of their present personal risk holdings. Click here to read full report.

UnderinsuranceNeilson FinancialServicesCouncil
Qualitative Research findings into Underinsurance in New Zealand | 2011

The objective of the research was to determine the extent of risk policy underinsurance in the New Zealand population and gain insights into reasons via robust data using modelling and segmentation. Click here to read full report.

Exploring Underinsurance within New Zealand
Exploring Underinsurance within New Zealand | 2011

This report was commissioned by the industry body for personal risk insurers in New Zealand, the Financial Services Council (FSC), who engaged staff at the School of Economics and Finance at Massey University to investigate the extent and degree of underinsurance of personal risk. Click here to read full report.

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