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This page contains guidelines including investor report, detailing definitions and schema for members and KiwiSaver guidelines.

FSC Interfund Investor Report (previously known as ‘ISI Guidelines’)
KiwiSaver Industry Resources

The aim of these guidelines is to help bring consistency across New Zealand's  KiwiSaver industry and drive good customer outcomes. These guidelines were created by members of the Financial Services Council of New Zealand (FSC) for use by FSC members and are for guidance only.

Following the merger of Workplace Savings NZ under the Financial Services Council banner in 2019, the following resources developed by Workplace Savings NZ are available:

  • KiwiSaver Glossary

    A plain English guide to KiwiSaver aiming to demystify the savings initiative to New Zealanders was released on 1 March 2018 by Workplace Savings NZ. The glossary was developed by an expert industry working group with the support of the Commission for Financial Capability and the Financial Markets Authority.
  • Serious Illness Processing Guidelines

    This guidance note is for KiwiSaver managers (in the case of a restricted KiwiSaver scheme) or supervisors (in the case of any other KiwiSaver scheme). It explains the industry standard approach for withdrawals in cases of serious illness from KiwiSaver schemes. It also provides views on the suggested timeframes within which applications should be processed and provides guidance on the appropriate tone that should be adopted when communicating to members. Updated February 2019.
  • Significant Financial Hardship Illness Processing Guidelines

    These guidelines relate to the processing of Significant Financial Hardship (“SFH”) claims by KiwiSaver scheme members. They are intended to give a common basis for assessment, and in so doing minimise the prospect of members moving providers to get a favourable result to their claims. Published 1 April 2015.
  • Buying a home with KiwiSaver

    Information about using KiwiSaver features to help you buy a home. Published 1 April 2015.
All other Financial Service Guidelines have been withdrawn and are currently being reviewed.
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