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Money resources for Kiwis Financial Services Council
Money resources for Kiwis
Want to improve your finances but don't know where to start? Here's a handy list of blogs, podcasts, books, magazines and videos to help you out.
Women and finance New Zealand Financial Services Council header
Women and Finance in New Zealand
New Zealand has taken great strides in the fight for gender equality, but there's still a lot to be done. FSC Content Manager Clarissa Hirst looks at where we’re at, and how much further we have to go to improve the financial wellbeing of our wāhine.

Personal Finance & Social Media

Some tips on how to navigate the world of money and finance online.
What is a finfluencer Financial Services Council New Zealand
What is a 'finfluencer'?

 More and more people are talking about money on social media. We’ve got some tips on what to look out for when you’re online, and how to make sure you know what information you’re accessing and what to do with it.


Planning for retirement

Helpful information about how to ensure a comfortable retirement.
Planning for retirement in your twenties Financial Services Council New Zealand
Why it's worth thinking about retirement in your twenties

Retirement may seem like a distant dream right now, but thinking about it now is so important.
Here's why.  

How to prepare for retirement Financial Services Council New Zealand
How to prepare for retirement

Over 55% of New Zealanders do not feel financially prepared for retirement. In this blog we cover how much you actually need, how to prepare, and what to do if you need a helping hand to get there.  


Saving and Budgeting

Tips on advice on day-to-day personal finance (and how to make it more interesting!)
Rainy day fund wellbeing Financial Services Council New Zealand
Could a rainy day fund improve your wellbeing?

There are several ways you can get a handle on your financial wellbeing and lessen the stress that comes from money worries. Setting up a rainy day fund is one of them.

Are budgets boring Financial Services Council New Zealand
Are budgets really that boring?

Budgets have a bad rap, and it’s time to change that. Done right, they’ll actually let you do more of the things you love and as a result help you to enjoy the life you want even more than you already do.


Financial advice

Where do you go when you need help with your finances? 
What is financial advice Financial Services Council New Zealand
What is financial advice?
If you've been tossing around the idea of getting some help with your finances, we've answered some common questions that might clear things up for you and help with your decision.  
Help with your finances Financial Services Council New Zealand
Getting help with your finances

Here’s some information on the different kinds of financial support available in New Zealand, whether you’re navigating crises like global pandemics, buying a house or want to learn how to better manage your money.


Financial wellbeing

There’s a clear link between money and wellbeing, with over half of Kiwis agreeing that financial issues affect their overall wellbeing. While New Zealand has been one of the luckier countries during Covid, the pandemic still significantly impacted our wellbeing, confidence, resilience, job security and financial preparedness.

In this series of blogs, we look at how you can move forward and become more financially well.
How has Covid-19 impacted our wellbeing?

Our research has found that money is impacting our physical health, mental health, relationships with family and friends, and our overall wellbeing. There has also been a strong link between the pandemic and our feelings of wellbeing, too. 

This blog and video Q&A with Gen Mora from Voices of Hope and Anita Flowers from MAS looks at how COVID-19 has impacted our wellbeing, and what we can do about it.  

How can financial know-how improve our wellbeing?

This episode of Money and You looks at how financial education (what we've called "know-how") can improve our overall wellbeing.   

Tom Hartmann and Kate Reddington from Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission talk about their own money mishaps and journeys towards financial wellbeing - and how improving your "capability" can really help.

Money and You episode 3 what can te ao Maori teach us about money?

ANZ's Head of Te Ao Māori Strategy, Karleen Everitt, shares her perspective on how money fits into the Māori world view, and how it was talked about in her household growing up. 

Episode 4 What does economic harm look like?

Dr Ayesha Scott (AUT), Martin King (BNZ), Angela Smart (MoneyTalks) and Nicola Eccleton (Good Shepherd) talk about what happens when financial relationships turn bad, the signs of economic harm, and the support that's available to those who are experiencing it. 

Jamie Mellow Southern Cross header

With property prices as they are right now, home ownership is getting further out of reach for many younger New Zealanders. We spoke to Jamie Mellow from Southern Cross about his journey towards financial wellbeing and home ownership.  

Matt Maynard ANZ header

The road to financial wellbeing starts young. Having had good financial lessons instilled in him by his own parents, ANZ business development manager Matt Maynard is now trying to do the same for his two daughters. 

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How to move forward after a crisis
Unexpected events do happen - recessions, global pandemics, health issues - these things can all cause setbacks to your finances. We have some strategies on how to emerge financially confident and well.
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How to move forward after tragedy strikes
When the worst happens, it can feel overwhelming, and money is the furthest thing from your mind. Here are some ways you can get back on your feet.
New year financial wellbeing checklist FSC NZ (2) (1)-93-875
Your new year financial wellbeing checklist

Put your financial wellbeing first this year and help improve your health and happiness. Find out how with our handy New Year financial wellbeing checklist.

Young woman walks across a bridge.
How to move forward after losing your job
Redundancy is immensely difficult – not just for the person who has lost their job, but for their loved ones – it is possible to move forward from it and emerge better off than before. Find out how.
How to move forward after money mishaps Financial Services Council New Zealand
How to move forward after money mishaps
We all make mistakes, and some of them can cost us a lot of money. What's important is that we learn from these mistakes. Here's how you can bounce back.

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